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Month: July, 2012

Cow and Chicken

Mark Hix’s new venture seems somewhat lacking in imagination. You can have chicken or steak. No fancy pants stuff, no veggie option. A good selection of wines are available. Oh there’s one starter as well.

ART Goddammit!

Economically this makes sense. Limit cost of waste by restricting the menu; increase turnaround and customer satisfaction by making the food really simple, all the while keeping them interested with gimmicks such as chicken cooked and served vertically on a special pot (and of course the modern artwork); and sprinkle on some of the Mark Hix brand. I’d be surprised if his restaurant fails.

Yorkshire + turd

The starter resembles gastropub-esque, hearty dining. A yorkshire pudding with a chicken liver pate and a couple of dishes of vegetables were brought along with it. Not bad, but it won’t set your world on fire.

We opted for the chicken for two – a whole chicken bred exclusively in Woolley Farm. Served vertically on a clay dish (which is supposed to contain all the juices) with the feet still intact, it certainly looks promising. However, it was disappointingly dry and tasteless.

Sub-Nandos quality chicken

And that’s the thing about Tramshed. It is an exciting restaurant with a foolproof idea, but fails to deliver.


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