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Month: November, 2012

A burger across the pond

The London Fox was over in New York for a short trip to take care of some business. Whilst wandering down Bleecker Street to purchase some garments from Ralph Lauren Rugby (soon to be discontinued, shockingly), his nostrils were hit by that familiar smell of fried patties and potatoes. It did not matter that it was 11am and his stomach was full of hotel breakfast buffet. He had to go in.

I was the only customer in the shop when I went in, and it looked like they were just opening up. This is a good sign, as it means your food will be as fresh as can be.

I’d heard about Five Guys from various sources. It’s a modest burger joint that boasts several awards. They’re known for their fries, which are made from different potato suppliers depending on the day. You can pick your toppings. Other than that, it looked like a run down burger shop. Red and white signs, sterile surroundings and spotty servers. Think late 90s Mr Wimpy.

The burger was good. No, it was great. Sloppy as hell, good balance of meat and bread. And that rubbery American cheese (unmelted) that somehow works well. No complaints there. But the fries were overrated. I found them pretty dry and over portioned (my regular would have filled two pint glasses) which just made them boring to eat.

There are three Five Guys in NYC. Worth having a burger if you’re in the area and peckish, but I’m sure NYC has better to offer.



Casa Morita brunch

The Fox rarely goes to the south of the river, but has been spotted in certain areas. Brixton village is one of these areas, where the Fox feeds every now and then. The food here is usually honest and fairly cheap, the atmosphere bustling and warm.

Case Morita claims to be authentically Mexican, and I can’t disagree. We got the huevos rancheros and enchiladas suizas which both used corn tortillas (I prefer wheat), were very saucy and served with a dollop of mole on the side.


huevos rancheros

Huevos rancheros is one of my favourite breakfast options. The chorizo option is a bit of a joke (for £1 you get a small sprinkle of charred chorizo on top), but the flavours were very good. We went for the green tomato enchilada option, which means they use virgin tomatoes. I find this a bit fresher tasting than red tomatoes and the dish as a whole was a light but flavourful dish. Definitely good for as a brunch option. We washed this down with mint tea, which was a nice lift for our hungover heads.

Morita definitely offers something a little different to other Mexican establishments. Try it for brunch sometime. You might like it.

Casa Morita