Lower East Side

by ldnfox

Filthy, smelly, and in real need of a good wipe, the Lower East Side (or LES if you’re a real New Yawker) is the arse crack of Manhattan. Albeit quite a delicious arse crack, and one the London Fox like to venture down to for a quick taste every now and then…

I have been to the LES on several occasions before and last night decided to revisited several of my favourite spots. Drinks at the Stanton Social: a very chilled out, quite chic restaurant/bar kicked off the evening’s proceedings. My first poison was the Brooklyn Lemonade which tasted like soup. My second was the Cucumber-Vanilla Cosmopolitan a lovely light drink, and not too sweet (I actually swapped this for my initial order of the Basil-Lime Gimlet, which also tasted like soup. I think the barman may also be a chef).

It was a cold night, but we braved the (very) short walk to Family Recipe on Eldridge. I had been here about three months ago by chance and was thoroughly impressed by the simple but tasty menu. Our bellies already quite full with soup from the Stanton Social, we decided to order some light appetizers to share. The shrimp salad was a deliciously light plate, complementing the Ginger Shiitake Mushroom Dumplings perfectly. Then came the Heritage Pork Belly Buns which were gorgeously tender the last time I had them but disappointingly undercooked this time round.

A selection of Family Recipe’s delights:




The night ended with one more drink at Beauty and Essex, probably one of my favourite bars in NYC so far. I’m a sucker for high ceilings and grand lighting, and B&E has both in excess. It is a busy spot on weekends so worth booking in advance.

As always, a stellar evening spent in the LES. The Fox will be back again for another taste soon…

Stanton Social
Stanton & Ludlow

Family Recipe
Eldridge & Stanton

Beauty and Essex
Essex and Stanton