Cheeky snack

by ldnfox

On the way back to the den one day, I stumbled upon a small Chinese snack store called Biang!. Feeling rather peckish from the day’s activities, I thought I’d go and grab a quick snack to satisfy the hungerbeast.

Biang! is the second venture of some college graduate who made it big into the New York food scene by opening a Western Chinese restaurant in Flushing called Xi’an Famous Foods. After making some headlines, Biang! was created, offering similar servings to the tourists, financiers and media moguls of Midtown West (there are other locations in Chinatown, East Village and Brooklyn too). I’ve always been a big fan of the cumin-riddled, meaty, steamy, noodle-filled dishes from that region of China. The menu is cheap and simple. Anything from lamb buns to offal noodles are on offer here. There’s just something so comforting about it all.

I went for a modest serving of one lamb bun and jasmine iced tea. Did the trick marvellously…


45th & 6th