ABC Kitchen

Tucked away anonymously in the streets of Flatiron is a blank door and walking along 18th street, you wouldn’t notice anything special among the stores and office blocks. Unless of course you are the London Fox, who’s sense of smell is so sharp that he picked up the scent of a delicious resto about 10 blocks away.

I’ve been to ABC Kitchen for brunch a couple of times before and the only thing that stood out for me were 1) the amazing decor and 2) the quite delicious juices. The food was nothing to write home about.

I had a friend in town (AGAIN!) and decided to take them here for lunch. On a weekday afternoon, ABC is filled with yummy mamas and suits. It is surprisingly full for a lunch spot (although I am told tables are hard to get hold of here generally).

There is a very extensive menu on offer, and a three course prix fixe option is also available. The food here is slightly leant towards Italian with splashes of typical New York offerings of burger and kale.

I opted for the three course menu (rude not to) and picked the beetroot with yoghurt to start, ricotta raviolo in pork stew and grape tart. My companion had the veal meatball pasta. Everything was delicious.
Three course delight

20131010-183918.jpgVeal and pasta

Seriously good. The beetroot was mixed with a balsamic glaze over Greek yoghurt and topped with fennel. An odd but winning combination. The pasta on both mains was perfectly cooked, something that I have found American-Italians seem to get right all the time (I have been to Italy a lot, and believe me, Italian food in New York is way better). My pork ragu was out of this world. Oh, and the grape tart was a perfect thing to share at the end of a satisfying lunch. My only complaint was that the veal meatballs were a bit over seasoned.

If you’re ever in the area and see a gray, run down door with no sign, head inside and get some lunch!

ABC Kitchen